Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Coming Events

Here is an overview of coming events which have been requested by YOU the service users.

We are dependant on your ideas and suggestions, so keep them coming. ED-RAW prides itself in the wide variety of events we have and expect to deliver in the future. Keep the ideas coming and we will strive to deliver.

We will also be returning to those courses we have already run but by popular demand are being requested again. The Community Drug Service CDS will be delivering another Drug Awareness Level 1  before Xmas and will also deliver a new and very informative Cocaine Awareness in the near future!  Hopefully, The Community Alcohol Service CAS will be back to deliver the Alcohol Awareness which went down so well last time.

ED-RAW is proud to announce our first Domestic Violence and Abuse Awareness session. We are awaiting dates to deliver this course and are really pleased that so many of you enquired about this course. 

This is for men and women alike and looks at what is Domestic Abuse? spotting the signs, how to help yourself or someone else.. A very delicate topic, however, one that we all need to be aware of to effect change... 

Anyone want to message me to express an interest or ask questions please do so? Carole Williams Project Coordinator.

EXCITING NEWS FOR OLDER MEMBERS OF THE RAW COMMUNITY....This picture says it all... Just because you may be slightly older and should be seen as a little more mature why should you not enjoy yourselves.... 

Meet up with like minded others and have a giggle whilst making new friends.... Thats what our fab new support group RAW RECYCLED TEENS IS ALL ABOUT... 

We are holding an intro meeting on Friday 4th October at the WELFARE HALL EASINGTON between 10 and 12 noon to discuss what older members of the community would like to see in a support group for YOU....

We have a host of ideas to discuss and this group is very much about what we strive for INCLUSION FOR ALL AND REDUCING ISOLATION, LONELINESS WHILE MAKING OUR OLDER GENERATION FEEL PART OF THE COMMUNITY..

This will be a fun, interactive, cake eating, giggling, game playing couple of hours every 2 weeks so why not pop along and say hi or if you have a relative who could benefit come along with them... 

One thing I will guarantee is a warm welcome, a cup of tea and friendly team members to make friday a bit more fun... This group will be ran by Andrea Kelly and David Todd with the assistance of Kimberley Smith with the most important job of all TEA LADY!

Our up and coming new community chat group "LETS TALK ABOUT" will hopefully be kicking off in October..... As part of ED RAW community and family learning programme we will be running monthly "SPEAKEASY" sessions looking at and talking about issues and topics that YOU have asked us about... 

Due to many requests our first session will be looking at AUTISM and advising people about this condition whilst holding general discussion about it. AUTISM affects many families and I have had requests from parents who suspect their children are displaying autistic traits, people who live with the condition and also residents who just want to improve their knowledge on various subjects... 

I am delighted that the NORTH EAST AUTISTIC SOCIETY have agreed to speak at our first group and know this will be very well attended. We hope to improve people's knowledge of Autism to allow them to be more understanding... As soon as I have a date I will let all know, so watch this space.... 

Finally, Our Visually Impaired Training is fully booked after a great response from you all and we are looking forward to a great session.

We would like to apologise to those of you, and there were quite a few, who were interested in the 'Positive Pony Experience' for the kids. We have not yet sorted a date out with the pony farm but I am on the case... We hope to get you a suitable time and date so we can go along and let the children interact with these magnificent creatures... 

Great if kids have little confidence and you want to improve that, great for children who may have a disability and feel safe and happy around animals, and basically just a great basic life experience.. 

I've also had a few adults enquiring about this as seem to have had a fear of horses all their lives so this will also be open to you guys... Date to follow soon, PROMISE!!!! Carole Williams Project Coordinator. Tel: 0791 484 0143

Promoting Wellbeing & Inclusion in our Community 

Womens Self Defence

LADIES....Self Defence training date will be announced very soon, maybe later today!

Unfortunately, all spaces have now been taken but as demand has been so high, we will be running it again.

As it is such an important part of the ED-RAW Community Safety Initiative, we will also be running courses for the Guys and the Teens as soon as possible, so keep an eye out on our Facebook page for details. 

Any questions or new ideas, then please contact Carole Williams ED-RAW Project Coordinator? Mobile: 0791 484 0143 or email

ED-RAW promoting a healthier and safer community for all in Easington and East Durham.

Sunday, 8 September 2013


ED RAW was delighted to be awarded funding for an activity weekend encouraging families of older children and single people to interact to improve their physical, social, mental and emotional wellbeing.

A group of 30 service users ranging from 9 years old upwards many of which had not met before descended upon Moorhouse Adventure Centre for a weekend jam packed with activities, bonding, positive interaction fun, laughter  and food!!!

As part of our main aim to promote inclusion we hosted a group of able bodied people working alongside children and adults with  a variety of disabilities. The group and peer support was outstanding and made the job of our community team exceptionally easy.

As part of their very busy 2 day schedule the groups were split into six teams and tackled a range of physical challenges, as well as mental stimulation and had to work together on the problem solving tasks. Activities included Archery, Abseiling, Crate Stacking, Rifle Shoot Toboggan Run and the very scary WALL....

I can not applaud those who attended enough. The comments we received were fantastic with parents saying this had really improved relationships with their children, single people forming bonds that will undoubtedly assist them with confidence in the future and lifetime friendships being formed.

Without a doubt for me the highlight of the weekend was the amazing camp fire where our group took centre stage with the scouts and cubs and shared memories, jacket potatoes, tasty  cooked apples and hot chocolate...

A fantastic memory for all who attended.... The comments say it all.

"Sure becka would comment if she was not  flat on on sofa.! All three have come home and crashed they have had a amazing time and we laughed at some of the stories we have heard, life time memories and I love bradders bird house he is  mega proud and so are we " (MB)

"John paul was brilliant. He  understood I was visually impaired and  assisted Sophie & Courtney to  lead me through trees back from camp fire pitch black at night.!!!!  Top man" (RA)

"Thank you everyone yes that makes me feel so proud to call her my daughter she is a very kind hearted loving girl who thinks of others before herself and does does good turn everyday. She was a girl guide.  The stories from the weekend  are amazing like Keiran  said there was that much fun and laughter and all good its hard to remember in few hours so we be getting stories coming for months ahead now. Thanks Carole Easington District Raw. "(RI )
"Amazing team all worked so hard to encourage each other to not give up kyi was outstanding and surprised me with his will to go on, and breaking the record for stacking crates  in all the time moor house has been there. I  am such a proud mammy. Dave I couldn't thank you enough for your encourage and for pushing me to keep going even through the tears lol. I have made a new friend.  Craig my little super star I told you you could do it you achieved everything you set out to do and I'm sooooo proud. What an amazing team and amazing people. (CS )


As part our of extensive community family learning programme we were delighted to host Laura Wilson Sexual Health trainer for Durham to work with families and individuals delivering specific training around sexual health awareness and approaching  delicate subjects identified by parents to look and and discuss with their children.

Parents were keen for the session to take place with the involvement of their children rather than 2 separate courses as felt tackling the subject together would make them more able to answer any questions the children may pose to them at home.. There were a few awkward moment and cringes mainly from the parents, however the course was very well received by both adults and children.

ED RAW prides itself in tackling taboo subjects with families and the response from service users has been fantastic.

Take a look at what some of our service users thought. A huge thank you to Laura Wilson who delivered the course in an informative, interesting and fun way which kept the children enthralled.

"The course was dealt with in a really good, mature manner  (minus a few giggles) and covered most taboo subjects that really all children and teens should learn about, for perfect example "Safety on the internet". I applaud it!" (CS - 22 yrs old)

"The course tonight was really useful and helped me to realise the mistakes that can get people into a lot of bother can easily be avoided if people have the correct information on these subjects and the dangers of what can happen to people if they aren't careful."(KP - 14 yrs old)

"Much enjoyed it great for us to learn as a family unit I believe I learned a few things along the way , I believe its very important as a mother that my children can talk to me \ us regarding sex drugs drink etc and these courses you are delivering help to keep my knowledge fresh and elevate any embarrassment for the children keep them coming." (MS - Mother 42 yrs old)

"This was delivered in a fun but educational  way. It's surprising how much you don't know and that's not all of it x had a great and fun night." (SI - 13 yrs old)


Representatives from our ED RAW community teamed showed our aim to help bring community back together by supporting "East Durham' Got Talent'. 

Acts from across the district put themselves in the spotlight and a huge well done to the Irish Dancers from Wheatley Hill who had the welfare up and tapping their feet.!!


As part of our ever expanding community activity programme aimed at improving well being for all I was delighted to take a group of men sea fishing with ED RAW chairman Ian Foster at the helm!!! 

We had a great mix of experienced  fishermen who were very supportive and assisted the "first timers". The response from this evening was very positive with a group of 20 gentlemen keen to take up fishing on a regular basis. 

DADS ARMY is a support group specifically for men living in the Easington District and will work to improve social, mental , physical and emotional wellbeing. 

As the response from the first fishing trip was very positive we will be setting up  the ED RAW ROD CLUB. Watch out for future dates for our male service users.


July 26th... one of the hottest days of the summer saw ED RAW take centre stage at the majestic welfare park Easington to host a retro community inclusion picnic.

I am not going to say a great deal about this day as the pictures tell a thousand stories. 

However, would like to thank all partner agencies who were involved on the day, all local businesses who came to sell their goods, all who took part in the family entertainment, and the RAW team on the day of whom there were many.. We could not have pulled this day off without you. so thanks!

The day saw over 600 people attending with many new service users being identified. This was not a fundraising event, however, we raised £580 on the day... 

All monies will go towards future activities for those living in the Easington District.. 

An event is only as good as the team who work on it.....the day was an outstanding success....